Honor Flight Columbus accepts applications from America’s Senior Veterans.

Senior Veterans are those who served on active duty prior to May 7th, 1975, or over 20 years in the Guard/Reserves in that same time period. In addition, a terminally ill veteran from any era will be served as soon as possible. We began taking Vietnam War veterans on regular flights in the spring of 2017.

Accordingly, WWII veterans will continue to have top priority, with Korean veterans next. We will call Vietnam veterans in sequence by the dates of applications received.

It is our goal to take Senior Veterans on this trip of celebration as long as donations from the public continue and volunteers are available. 

The Honor Flight Guardian Coordinator will assign each veteran a trained volunteer guardian who may or may not be of the veteran's choosing. Guardians are selected depending on the needs of the veterans on a flight.  Anyone who wants to be considered as a potential guardian must submit an application.  Each guardian applicant must fill out a Guardian application form located here.

Safe travel is the goal of everyone involved.  All assigned guardians are required to take a three-hour training course 9 days before a flight and meet other requirements including a guardian donation of $400 to help offset their costs for the flight.

In addition, a spouse who is not a veteran may not accompany the veteran. Seats for those who served are limited.

To apply to go to your memorials and other related Washington, D.C. sites with us, please click here

Print the form/complete it, and mail it to:

Honor Flight Columbus
P.O. Box 12036
Columbus, OH 43212 
Phone: (614) 284-4987
Email: info@honorflightcolumbus.org

Veterans Application

Special Thank You from Korea

"As I escorted my veteran around DC, he was stopped by this Korean family. They were not Korean-Americans, they were Korean. They thanked him for helping their country. He was moved by that, as I was.

"A comment from one of the other veterans on the trip was how impressive it was to see people from many countries visiting our monuments and thanking our veterans. It was a proud moment."

 - from Cheryl Link, Guardian who escorted Korean Veteran John Caipen (pictured above) on the April 15, 2017 trip

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