Guardians need to complete an application, which can be accessed here: 

         Guardian Application

Learn more about being a volunteer guardian by reviewing the training material we have assembled here.

Guardians serve a very important role for Honor Flight Columbus.

Our mission is squarely focused on the Veterans, their safety, comfort, and well being. To ensure every mission is as a success, we are selective.  

First and foremost, serving as a Guardian is work. It is a LONG day, it likely will involve pushing wheelchairs, being responsible for additional tasks, managing all manner of physical and emotional challenges throughout the day. This is not a "tour" for the Guardians, it is hard work - exceptionally awesome hard work - and perhaps one of the most rewarding "work" days you will ever experience.

We have some basic rules and expectations.

  • Family members are not permitted to serve as a Guardian for their Veteran except under very limited circumstances.
  • Generally 18-65 years old - we have a policy that sets an expectation that the Guardian will be from another generation (younger) than the Veteran.
  • Mandatory training - generally nine days before the mission.
  • Positive attitude, willingness to be a team member, respect and awareness of our mission.
  • Good ability, fitness, and health - sufficient to stay on top of your game all day - from 5:00am to midnight. To lift 100 pounds, push a heavily loaded wheelchair for extended periods. To walk approximately 4 miles, in any weather condition.
  • Ability to "pay their way" - the Guardian Fee is $400 and partially covers the cost associated with the trip for the Guardian.
  • Commitment to the HONOR, SHARE, CELEBRATE vision of this organization.

What else are we looking for?

  • Veterans willing to serve as a Guardian.
  • Young Professionals.
  • Medical Professionals (EMTs, Nurses, Nurse Practitioners, Doctors, etc).
  • Interest in having a recurring role (2 to 4 times a year). 
  • History of Volunteering with Honor Flight Columbus.