Honor Flight Columbus Guardian Training

Thank You. You have volunteered to take care of one of America’s greatest assets, our Senior Veterans. You will find the trip to Washington D.C. to be both hard work and personally rewarding.

We have prepared a 50-minute video and printed support information to enable you to provide the best possible Honor Flight for veterans and yourself.

Please watch the video and read the printed information (we suggest printing the pages so you can follow along with the video) before going to your assigned Guardian Training session.  In doing so, you will help safeguard the health and safety of our Senior Veterans, others on our trip and that of the general public.

Enjoy this opportunity you have to be with these American Heroes.  Please give them the attention and care they so richly deserve.  Again, Thank You.

View the Guardian Training Video

View the Bus Steps and Lift Video

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Westerville Custodian Sponsored to Serve as Guardian

On the final day of preschool last year, the staff, PTA and parents surprised Army veteran Craig Eberhard, their custodian, with the trip of a lifetime -- the opportunity to escort a senior veteran to Washington, DC, as part of the Honor Flight program. They also purchased a flag in his name at the Field of Heroes. Honor Flight flies senior veterans from WWII and the Korean conflict to the nation's capitol to see their monuments, free of charge, as a way of thanking them for their service to our country. Guardians donate $400 each to offset costs for the privilege of escorting the senior military personnel. To date, thousands of dollars have been raised in Westerville for this program. Eberhard just learned he will be escorting 82-year-old Hershel Green, who served in Korea. "I can't wait to meet him," he said.