September 7 - Mission #98 -- Sponsored by the Westerville Community

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April 27 - Mission #95 -- Sponsored by the Office of the Ohio Attorney General, Gahanna Lincoln High School, and donations from grateful Americans

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Flight Partners

-- Future Flights --

Veterans' Stories​

November 9 - Mission #102 -- Sponsored by Nationwide​
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Check out our Flight Partners page for information about organizations and individuals who help make each of our trips a success.

Flight Partners

September 28 - Mission #99 -- Sponsored by Abbott Laboratories​
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November 9 - Mission #102 - The roster includes veterans who

were awarded the Purple Heart and Silver Star

- was aboard the USS Forrestal when the explosion occurred; lost his cabin mates and was injured

- served as Helicopter Mechanic and window gunner

- was Crew Chief for F-105

- served on nuclear tests, Operation Dominic; USS Princeton

- was a Paratrooper, 82nd Airborne Div.

​- served on USS Garrett County LST-786; engineering, damage control, firefighting, gunship arming and fueling

- was Aircraft Commander of KC-135, performing refueling of fighters and bombers in Vietnam, supplies and medical transport throughout W Pacific

- served in Vietnam, Rough Riders, combat guard

- was a Data Systems Tech, USS Oriskany CVA-34

- served as a Military Intel Analyst

- was a tank crewman

- served with Artillery Ballistic Meteorology

​- was a Fire Control Tech for F-4B Phantom jets; USS Ranger, USS Enterprise; Gulf of Tonkin

- worked with Electronic Communications Cryptographic Systems; replaced top secret crypto equipment and transmitted top secret information when necessary

- served with the Military Police

- was a Radio Intercept Analyst Specialist

- was a Hull Technician​​

-- Earlier Flights --

All flights are on Southwest Charter 737  or American A321 aircraft from John Glenn Columbus International Airport  

Watch this space for times, flight numbers and sponsorships

October 19 - Mission #100-Scarlet and 100-Gray - Sponsored by the Davis Foundation and Grateful Americans

American Airlines (Scarlet)

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Southwest Airlines (Gray)
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Our senior veterans served in a variety of ways, and each has a unique story to tell. We've listed several here.

October 19 - Mission #100 - The roster included veterans who

- were awarded the Purple Heart (9 veterans)

- served as a Navy Corpsman attached to US Marine Corps

- was Crew Chief on a CH-47 Chinook helicopter

- served in Vietnam and Ft. Carson as Ballistic Meterologist

- was F-4 flightline fighter mechanic

- served as Atomic Weapons Maintenance Specialist

- was a Surveyor in an Engineering Battalion

​- served on USS Newport News as Electronics Tech

- was a Gunner in 105 mm Howitzer

- served as Pershing Nuclear Missile crewman

​- was a Platoon Sergeant of a rifle platoon

​- trained recruits at Ft. Hood, flew observation along the Czech border

​- handled Top Secret communications for Seal Team

​- was a jet aircraft mechanic with Strategic Air Command

- kept records at ammo dump in Louisiana

- was Plane Captain with Attack Squadron 152 on flight deck of the aircraft carrier USS Oriskany

- served DaNang, combat pilot, psychological warfare 9th SOS

- was a B-52 Ground Crew member

- worked with 497th Port Construction; built port facilities along coast at Cam Ranh Bay

Looking for information about our flight partners? It's been moved. Check out our Flight Partners page for information about organizations and individuals who help make each of our trips a success.

June 8 - Mission #97 -- Sponsored by the All Life Foundation​​
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2019 Flight Schedule​

May 18 - Mission #96 -- Sponsored by Vance Outdoors

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April 9 - Mission #94 -- [Tuesday] Sponsored by the Columbus Regional Airport Authority (CRAA) Community Fund and donations from grateful Americans

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​​2019 Flight Statistics

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Honor Flight Columbus has taken 6,835 Senior Veterans to Washington through 2019