DVD - $20 each suggested donation

WWII Memorial
This is the same video that all the touring veterans watch during their deluxe motor coach ride from Baltimore Washington International (BWI) Airport, en route to the WWII Memorial. The video does an excellent job explaining the history, political controversy, key orchestrators, symbolism, architecture and design of the WWII Memorial. The video is also interspersed with historical war footage and interviews with prominent entertainment and political figures who recount their experiences during World War II. During our trips, the video normally concludes as we are pulling up to the WWII Memorial. Our travelers depart the bus well prepared to tour the largest, most breathtaking memorial in Washington, DC.

Honor Flight - One Last Mission

Full length movie telling the story of Honor Flight and how the organization pays tribute to America's World War II veterans.  "Enormously moving." L.A. Times

Duty Honor Sacrifice - The Unknowns

This movie is a documentary on what it takes to be a sentinel and the honor to protect the Tomb of the Unknowns.