Our wheelchairs, all donated, have taken a beating in the past few years.  Even our crack wheelchair maintenance group can't keep up with the punishment that trips put on the fleet.  Replacement Parts are hard to come by and are expensive.

If you have a manual chair that you aren't using, please consider donating it to Honor Flight Columbus. Even if it is broken, we can use parts from it. 

Please see the Donate a Wheelchair page for for requirements for wheelchair donations.

We take about 50 chairs on each flight so that our senior veterans can enjoy their trip.  Your help will enable this to continue.

Thank you!

Honor Flight Ground Crew Volunteers ("Yellow Shirts")
Work tirelessly at the airport to make sure our veterans are greeted in the morning and welcomed home in the evening.

Southwest Airlines Columbus Team - Provides coffee for our veterans on the mornings of our flights

Got Chairs?  We need your help to keep our vets rolling.

Fairfield Inn & Suites Columbus Airport
4300 International Gateway
Providing overnight accommodations at a reduced rate for our veterans.

Eagle Exhibits
Provides off-site storage and other assistance with our wheelchairs.

Members of the Columbus Base, U.S. Submarine Veterans
Helping with the transportation and maintenance of wheelchairs.

Dennis DeFrank earns Southwest Airlines President Award

Employees earn the President’s Award by consistently going “above-and-beyond” in their role at Southwest Airlines.  Each individual is nominated by their peers, and filtered through multiple levels of Leadership for approval of a final list.  The President’s Award is one of the highest honors an employee can receive and has a rich history of outstanding employees.  

“My highlight would be working with Honor Flight Columbus. Being able to process these charters has opened up the opportunity for me to be a Guardian on three trips with the Veterans on their Day in Washington DC”, DeFrank said of his greatest career highlight when accepting the award.

The photo was taken at the Frontiers of Flight Museum where he is standing by a display of the Pacific Theater.  “Please notice, I proudly wore my Honor Flight Columbus pin,” he said when sending the picture to HFC.

Flight Partners

We thank the following businesses and organizations for partnering with us to make flights special for our veterans.