Selection of 3 Books

Selection of 3 Honor Flight Pins

Tri-Blend Ladies  V-Neck

Honor Flight Columbus Greeting Cards

Selection of 3 DVDs

Sling Bag, Stars & Stripes with Honor Flight logo

Honor Flight Columbus #1 Foam Finger

Land of the Free Because of the Brave Tee Shirt

Honor Flight Columbus Posters

Cotton blend T shirt, ash or black

Computer carry bag with Honor Flight logo

Water Bottle Holder

Honor Flight Columbus Foam Airplane Kit

Honor Flight Network Photo Frame

Selection of 7 Honor Flight Caps

Honor Flight Columbus Challenge Coin

Honor Flight Columbus License Plate Holder

12 ounce coffee mugs, two colors, Honor Flight logo on front

Long Sleeve Black Tee Shirt

Tri-Blend Crew Neck Tee

Selection of 3 Honor Flight Coins

Honor Flight Columbus Post eXchange

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Honor Flight Columbus Tokens

One More Tour With Honor Tee Shirt