Now effective October 1, 2021, everyone flying on an Honor Flight Columbus will be required to have a COMPLIANT ID, also known as a REAL ID. Everyone, including Veterans and Guardians, and Volunteers must obtain and hold a valid form of ID in order to pass through TSA security.

Two documents have additional information about this new requirement.

2021 Travel Advisory

New ID Requirements In Effect October 1, 2021 (delayed from 10/1/2020)

​The Ohio BMV anticipates that agencies will be increasingly busy as the October 1st deadline approaches, so we strongly recommend taking care of this ASAP. You should be aware that it may take several weeks after your visit to the BMV to receive your new Federally-compliant REAL ID in the mail, so please do not wait. The temporary license that you will receive at the agency does not comply and will not be an acceptable form of ID at the airport for TSA.

If you have any questions, please fee free to contact us. However, the best source of information will be from the agency who will issue your REAL ID.